[ENG] Dark Forest: Round 3

A quick recap of the most interesting things that happened this round.

8 min readAug 25, 2021


Final leaderboard for round 3

Distance to the center scoring for the leaderboard

picture of 0x000 https://twitter.com/0x000da38758/status/1429458031662796803

As you can see in the image above, the ranking for this round depended directly on how close your claimed planets were to the center.

By the time the round was over, the planets in the center would be the ones that would give the top positions, so these were highly prized and people wanted to fight for them as much as possible.

To reach the center players appeared in the border of the universe, an initial distance of 300k that need to be traveled jumping from planets to other planets, as long as the time passed, the universe size increased and new players joining the game appeared in the border of the moment they joined, having the players that joined the round early an advantage in time and distance.

But if you were lucky enough you could have found a big planet with x2 range and if you upgraded it and used a Photoid Cannon you could have traveled an insane amount of distance in only one shot, an example of that is the winner of the round dropswap_gg (they are the winners of the last round now renamed like orden_gg formerly ghst_gg that built a new product around DF called dropswap that we will talk about it lately) that found a L7 in the Dead Space with x2 Range at 267.492 of distance to the center and made a shot that reached directly to the center.

Artifact Data

To give an example to understand how rare is to find an artifact of high rarity here is bit of data about the artifacts from the round 3.

There are 28 Mythic artifacts that came out from the round 3 (30 were discovered but 2 of them got destroyed cause people used it for the game) the types of that 28 Mythic artifacts are the next ones:

Black Domain: 1
Bloom Filter: 4 (+ 1 destroyed)
Colossus: 5
Monolith: 5
Photoid Cannon: 4 (+1 destroyed)
Planetary Shield: 2
Pyramid: 3
Spaceship: 3
Wormhole: 1




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